A Fun Colorful Body of Work

by. Tania Rustage (Geometric Illusion Ceramics)

Designed with a whimsical quality & fresh new ideas. 
Layered with color & stains to give depth and richness.

The pieces have a fun wackiness to them, with a touch of attitude.
Time and effort goes into all my work, with a strong attention to detail and precision.

Photo Gallery of Whimsical Pieces

A showcase of some of my favorite unique pieces
Triple Serving
Bowl Caddy
Bar Handled
Serving Bowl
Whimsical Yellow
Pelican Beak Pitcher
Multicolor Butter dish
or Cheese Dome
Polka Dot Mug
with Drape Overlay
Whimsical Blue
Pelican Beak Pitcher
Polka Dot Wine Goblets
with Drape Overlay
Whimsical Round
Bulbous Bowls